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High quality product are essential to gain trust of your customers and increase sells. Composition, angle, lighting and are precisely selected for each shot. We use top hardware and software, various lighting sources and accessories to illuminate small products like diamonds rings and larger ones like fridges. Clear, white background, shade, mirror or other effects can be applied. We adapt images to your requirements or common standards e.g Amazon.
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Let your customers discover products like in a real shop. Rotate and see what’s on each side, zoom in and check interesting details. No other e-commerce tool gives such a positive customer engagement. With extensive knowledge in 360 photography, IT solution and user experience we delivered thousand of 360 product views. We are helping e-shops to attract customers and increase sales.
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No doubt that video content is hot, very hot. It’s atractive, easy to consume and share. Want to present a company, a software application or a product? Tell a story, engage, make it funny, personal or educative. We encourage you to use our all resources to create something meaningful. And it doesn’t matter if this is just one video or few thousands for each of your product, we will handle it neatly.
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Our sharing platform dedicated for 360 product views will help you manage and host your content. No need to upload, no worries about transfer and whats most important it is so easy to implement on your site.

Mobile photo studio, built in a van is another of many innovative things we developed for your comfort. When you products are large or precious or both, we can come to you with all our equipment and make photography at your location. In case of a smaller goods we dont even need any space just an electric socket. We will do it in a van 😉


We recommend KSENS services mostly because of their high quality and positive impact on our business. Thanks to implemented 360 product view in our www.8a.pl store we notice an increase in conversion ratio and we get lots of positive feedback from our Customers.

Dariusz Wildner


It’s difficult to write something that will not be too sweet but belive me that work with KSENS is a pure pleasure. The whole process starting from customer service, through images delivery is going smoothly. Photos and 360 views were delivered in no time, contact with team KSENS is perfect and what’s most important their creativity and flexibility have no comparison. I use KSENS photography evertime I need and I recommend it to my friends and collegues.

Wojtek Latoszek


We use KSENS for 360 product photography for our clients. This technology is winning e-customers. We have run many A/B tests to confirm it’s impact on sales and without a doubt I can say it works. Speaking about KSENS team, there are the best. They will sell only if it works and brings profits for clients.

Krzysztof Wysocki


Working with KSENS is fun cause it’s easy. We use their 360° image service and their output is always good. Even smaller requests beyond topic are executed fast and friendly.

Tom Ketttelhut



We found ourselves in 360 photo and product video a long ;me ago. 4 years ago our main business was a toy e-store. Could you imagine that we have assembled over 200 Lego bricks just to make a video and 360 view of it? 200 bricks! What a fun it was and what an impact it made on customers. Everybody was asking, can you do that for us? So before we no;ced we were making more videos, photos and 360 views for other ecommerce than for us. This is when we decided to concentrate on photography and video.

Our team is not large – 6 experienced, creative and joyful people. But we do not hesitate to undertake large and demanding projects, even those that go beyond our core competency. We just understand how to talk and communicate with audience using digital visuals.


Write to us describing your needs. We will get back to you.


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